Jerry’s Plan

If I am successful in becoming the next Texas Land Commissioner, I will do what I have done before:
  1. lead the Texas General Land Office (GLO) in a manner in which decisions are based on the GLO’s statutory and constitutional duties – not based on looking good politically;
  2. be accessible to the citizens of Texas and to the press as well as respond quickly to open records requests from either;
  3. never fail to attend public forums or debates whether they are campaign related or not; and
  4. always give Texans a straight answer – even when the answer is politically disadvantageous to me.

In addition, I will fix what needs to be fixed.

For The Alamo, I will:

  1. NOT move the Alamo Defenders Monument – also known as the Cenotaph – and aggressively oppose in a court of law any attempt by the Cenotaph owners, the City of San Antonio, to remove it from its current location;
  2. eliminate the 501(c)(3) nonprofits that the Bush GLO has used to manage the Alamo and used to avoid complying with open records requests;
  3. ensure the focus and entry point for telling the Alamo story is the1836 battle and repudiate George Skarmeas’, the GLO’s chief Alamo planner, comment that “We can’t emphasize the events of 1836 because they were just one brief moment in 10,000 years;”
  4. reopen the Alamo Church to the traditional commemorative events held there in the past by heritage organizations such as the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, Sons of the Republic of Texas, and the Alamo Defenders Descendants Association; and
  5. focus on restoration of the Alamo as an iconic battlefield and shrine of Texas Liberty – not as a downtown amenity or park.

For Hurricane Harvey Recovery, I will:

  1. determine why the GLO failed to implement the emergency shelter at home repair effort – known as Partial Repair and Emergency Power and Shelter (PREPS) – until four months after Harvey slammed the Texas coast and relieve those responsible from their duties in the GLO Disaster Recovery division;
  2. inspect the Harvey impacted areas and visit with citizens and elected officials to determine what can be done at this late date to actually help – not hinder – the recovery;
  3. visit with the Governor’s Disaster Recovery team and FEMA to find ways to work in concert with both as I did during Hurricanes Ike and Dolly;
  4. rebuild the GLO Disaster Recovery division by staffing with experienced and competent employees – not political hires; and
  5. seek additional funding from the U.S. Congress and/or from the Texas Rainy Day Fund as necessary.

Unless I’m Texas Land Commissioner, I cannot do any of the above.

I ask for your vote.

For Texas.